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Mr. Holland's Class Mosaic

 Mr. Holland's Special Topics class has been creating a Mosaic for the school since the beginning of this school year. It is an interpretation of Gustav Klimt's famous 'Tree', considered to be the root of all knowledge. It is a combination of collected ceramic and stone tiles that will be combined with stained glass. It is expected to be finished next year.

Art History Teaser Slideshow is Posted

The slideshow is attached to this post.  Open the attachment to view the slideshow.

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Current Events in Art - Mrs. Miller

This is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to share and raise art awareness.  The first submission and the one that inspired this Blog came to me from a student named Patrick.  If you are a member of the Berlin High School family and would like to share an artist or their work, please email me at

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Practice Art News

Test of the Art News Category

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